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Seliant Work Inventory of Personality (SWIP)

The Seliant Work Inventory of Personality (SWIP) is a personality inventory designed to assess key personality traits in job candidates for the purposes of Personnel Selection.

The SWIP was developed with the goal of providing a reliable and valid assessment of personality traits relevant to workplace performance. Using the SCIAM Personality Model, the SWIP captures essential traits that directly influence workplace performance: Steadiness, Cooperativeness, Imaginativeness, Assertiveness, and Methodicalness. By gaining a deeper understanding of these traits in your candidates, you can make insightful evaluations of their potential and suitability for specific roles within your organization.


Test properties

Type of test: Personality Inventory

Useful for: Assessing personality traits and predicting job suitability.

Estimated time: 15 minutes (no time limit)

Number of test items: 100

Item response form: Multiple choice

Languages: English

Mode of Administration: Online

What the items measure

The 14 personality traits of the SCIAM model:

Steadiness, cooperativeness, imaginativeness, assertiveness, methodicalness, stress-tolerance, self-assurance, abstractness, creativeness, gregariouness, leadership, orderliness, and focus.

Learn more about the traits here.

Detailed Test Report

For every candidate completing the SWIP, you will be able to download or print a detailed test report. The first page of the test report grants a quick overview of the candidate's percentile scores for each trait or facet.
The second and third pages contain the qualitative textual interpretations of each percentile score. The behaviors shown in the interpretations are the behavioral patterns that can be expected from a candidate. You can use this information, along with the candidate's ranking, to make a hiring decision.

Click here to view a sample test report.

Seliant Work Inventory of Personality Test Report


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