Numerical Ability Test

Numerical Ability Test

The Numerical Ability Test measures a candidate's ability to analyze numerical information and draw meaningful conclusions based on it. The test items are based on problems of numerical nature such as arithmetic and number series. This test is useful for selecting candidates for jobs that require working on tasks with numeric and quantitative characteristics.

Test properties

Type of test: Ability test

Useful for: Predicting job performance in jobs with tasks of numerical nature

Time limit: 40 minutes

Number of test items: 30

Item response form: Multiple choice

Languages: English

Mode of Administration: Online

What the items measure

Reasoning on number series:
The ability to deduce what number follows in a numerical series.

The ability to use basic numerical operations.

Practical Numerical problems:
The ability to solve numerical problems presented in verbal formats

Detailed Test Report

For every candidate completing the Numerical Reasoning Ability Test, you will be able to download or print a detailed test report. The first page of the test report grants a quick overview of the candidate's overall performance on the test. On the following page, you may compare the candidate's results with norm groups of 7 different occupations. The results of the candidate are compared to a norm group to get the percentile population score. For example, if a candidate has a score of 70, he/she scored as well or better than 70 percent of the 4,000 people who were part of our 2014 test norming study.

Click here to view a sample test report.

Numerical Ability Test Report


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