Cognitive Aptitude Test

The Cognitive Aptitude Test comprises verbal, numerical, spatial and abstract reasoning questions. The resulting score reflects a person’s ability to solve problems, extract and apply information, learn new skills and think critically. A person with high aptitude is more likely to be a quick learner and high performer than a person with low aptitude.

Time Limit40 minutes time limit
Items40 questions

The Cognitive Aptitude Test measures a candidate's abilities through a series of 40 questions. The test is subject to a 40-minute time limit and is meant to be answered without the aid of a calculator. All test questions are multiple choice.

Candidates are scored in the following areas:

Detailed Test Report

For every candidate completing the Cognitive Aptitude Test, you will be able to download or print a detailed test report. The first page of the test report grants a quick overview of the candidate's overall performance on the test. The following two pages of the report offer a deeper insight into the test results with scores on each of the tested areas.
The results of the candidate are compared to a norm group in order to get the percentile population score. If the candidate has a score of 70, he/she scored as well or better than 70 percent of the 5,000 who were part of our 2013 test survey.
You may choose to compare a candidate's results to the entire norm group or to a specified part of the norm group. For comparison you may choose:

Click here for a sample test report.


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