Clerical Ability Test Preparation

We are happy to announce that we are now offering clerical ability test preparation.

Clerical ability test preparation is offered through the Clerical Ability Test Prep package. The package includes:

  • 1025 Clerical ability practice questions
    • Verbal ability, Attention to detail, data checking, alphabetic filing, mathematical word problems, and word analogy questions
  • Typing Speed & Accuracy training
  • Mathematical Study Guide
  • Arithmetic Trainer
  • Vocabulary Trainer
  • Guided targeted preparation with the Training Assistant

Available now, sign up here.

How widely used is psychometric testing in the UK?

Whether you’re looking to relocate to the UK for a job, or you are job hunting inside the country already, its best practice to have an understanding of the recruitment environment you will be facing. An adequate understanding of the tools and techniques of recruitment in the geographic location you’re stepping into allows you to better prepare to compete for the role you’ve applied for; here is a look into how widely psychometric testing is used in the UK today.

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