Avoid These Common Aptitude Test Mistakes

Have you ever gone back to look at a test you’ve done in the past, only to realize you lost marks because you selected the wrong answer, when in fact you knew the correct answer all along? If you’ve had this experience, rest assured you are not alone. Even the most highly competent candidates make common aptitude test mistakes which reduce their overall score and their chances of being offered a prime position. Here, we share the most common aptitude test mistakes, so you can reduce the chance you’ll make an error and get an even better overall score.

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What NOT to Include on Your Resume

When applying for a job, it’s vital to include necessary information that puts you in the best light. While you probably have a fair idea of what passes as good information, the criteria for what makes something a little questionable is somewhat murky. Today, we’re going to discuss what not to include on your resume, so you stand the best chance of making a professional first impression.

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