Frequently Asked Questions

Preparation Account

Q: Will my account automatically renew?
A: No, and unless you choose to renew manually you will only be charged once.

Q: How long is my account valid?
A: Your account is valid for 6 months. After this period your account is not deleted, you can renew your account at any time you wish.

Q: Is anything shipped to my home address?
A: No, login details will be sent to your email address. Access to the account is internet based.

Q: Can my friend use my preparation account?
A: No, the preparation account is personal and can only be used by one person. More information: Terms & Conditions.

Q: Can I access the tests without internet access?
A: No, our tests require internet access to load. For offline preparation consider downloading our iOS or Android app.

Technical Problems

Q: I have not received the e-mail with login information, what do I do?
A: First please check your spam filter. The server may be delayed at times, so please allow 20 minutes to receive the e-mail before contacting support.

Q: I have lost my password, what do I do?
A: Your password can be reset by clicking "Lost password?" at the account Login menu.

Q: The test preparation software (preparation account) is not working correctly, what can I do?
A: Please make sure that you have the latest version of your internet browser. For optimal performance we suggest using Google Chrome

Q: I want to change my password, can I do this?
A: Yes, first log in to your account. Now click "Settings" and then click "Change Password".

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