Verbal Reasoning Test

The Verbal Reasoning test assesses a person's ability to understand, analyze, and interpret written information. The test will be timed and you will have to read the passage of text quickly, and answer the questions accurately. If you are preparing for a verbal reasoning test, consider also trying our Verbal Logic tests – the verbal logic type of question may also be present in your test.

What questions can I expect?
You will be presented with a paragraph of text on a subject you may know nothing about. Not knowing the subject is usually for the best, because you should only answer the question based on the information given in the text, not your own knowledge. There are a few different question formats you may see:

Statement: After the text passage you will be given a statement. You have to answer whether the statement is true, false, or if it cannot be answered based on the text passage.

Content: After the text passage you will be asked one question in regard to the text, you will be given two or more answer options to choose from.

Conclusions: After the text passage you will be given two to six proposed conclusions. You have to select the conclusion that can be drawn based only on the text.

Statements: After the text passage you will be given two to six proposed statements. You have to select the statement that the writer of the text is most likely to agree with.

The best way to handle verbal reasoning questions are to first skim through the text, then read the question and answer options. Sometimes you will be able to answer the question at this point, but most times you will need to read through the text again – this time you will know what you are looking for.

Where are Verbal Reasoning tests used?
These tests are commonly used by employers for pre-employment testing. The questions may be found as part of a verbal aptitude test or a verbal ability test. The tests are conducted as part of the employee selection process for jobs in marketing, human resource management, administration, call centers, customer service roles, and more.

Verbal Reasoning Test Preparation

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