How to prepare for Public Safety Testing (PST)

What is Public Safety Testing
Pubic Safety Testing (PST) is administrered by IO Solutions who utilize written and physical tests to assess applicants for entry-level positions in the categories of Police Officer, Firefighter, Corrections Officer, and Dispatcher.
The PST tests are used as entry assessment by Police and Fire Departments in Washington and Alaska.

The PST consists of both a written exam and a Physical Ability Test, you are required to pass the written exam before continuing onto the physical test. To pass the written exam you have to score at least 70%.

The PST is not only a qualifying exam but also a ranking one; the results of your written exam and the Physical Ability Test will both be considered when finding your eligibility rank.
For each job opening for law enforcement and firefighter there are usually hundreds of applicants, those who are considered for the openings normally have a very high score. Focussed test preparation will help improve your score on both the written and the physical test.

The exams for Law Enforcement and Firefighters are slightly different:

Firefighters: The Firefighter Selection Tool (FST)
The written exam for firefighters is the FST and the Physical Ability Test is the CPAT. For more information about and preparation material please visit our sister website:

Law Enforcement: The Law Enforcement Officer Selection Tool (LST)
The written exam for law enforcement is the LST, the type of Physical Ability Test depends on the type of job and the state in which you are applying. More information about the LST to come.

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