Typing Speed & Accuracy Test

Looking for a Typing Test for candidate selection? Check our Typing speed and accuracy assessment.

Typing tests simply measure your typing speed and accuracy. Typing tests are frequently used as a part of the recruitment process for clerical and administrative positions and are used extensively when assessing candidates for data entry, typist, and transcriptionist jobs.

Average Typing Speeds
The job determines the typing speed required and the average for that profession. Although anyone can improve efficiency with faster and more accurate typing, some jobs require fast typing skills with a high accuracy on the first day. Data entry positions usually require at least 45 words per minute. Positions such as transcriptionists, legal secretaries, and typists often require anywhere from 60 to 90 words per minutes on average.

Improving Typing Skill
Typing speed is important, but so is precision – typing faster is useless if accuracy is sacrificed. Improving typing skills requires focus on both, and it requires practice – a lot of practice. Develop muscle memory for typing certain types of commonly used letter parings. This starts with focusing on touch typing and stopping the glances down at the keyboard.

Typing Test Preparation

Practice Typing Test

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Typing speed and accuracy practice is part of the Clerical Ability Test Prep package.

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