Job Hunting During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Job hunters have been dealt a blow as the media reports businesses shutter their doors and companies freeze hiring. The number of newly unemployed is predicted to hit 5 million in April 2020. However, there is hope, but only if you take a strategic approach to your job hunting. What does the present state of the job market in the U.S look like and are there any good opportunities available?

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Cubiks and Revelian Test Preparation

We are now introducing a new section of the website: practice tests by Test Publishers.

Cubiks Logiks Tests:
We have test preparation materials for the Cubiks ability tests, called the Cubiks Logiks. Try a free Cubiks Logiks test or learn more about the test series.

Revelian Aptitude Tests:
If you are looking for test prep materials for the Revelian aptitude tests, we can help you! Try a free Revelian aptitude test or learn more about the test series.

305 New Test Questions!

Today we have added 305 completely new practice aptitude test questions.

105 new Numerical Aptitude questions:
– 50 Numerical Logic questions
– 40 Basic Arithmetic questions
– 15 Numerical Word Problems

200 new Verbal Aptitude questions:
– 30 Deductive Reasoning questions
– 30 Vocabulary questions
– 30 Word Relationship questions
– 100 Reading Comprehension questions

The new questions are available to Test Prep Account holders from today.

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10 Major Companies that use Aptitude Testing

If you’ve ever dreamed of working for one of the world’s best companies, it would be wise to know that if you want to work for one, you’ll need to sit an aptitude test. Aptitude tests help companies select the ideal candidate in the sea of applicants they receive during every recruiting season. Here are ten major companies that use aptitude testing today as part of their recruitment process.

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Happy New Year

2019 has been an eventful year at We have brough a lot of new content and software improvements to our users.
We are not done, 2020 will bring even more new content and some pleasant surprises.

We wish you all good health, happiness, and success in the coming year.

Happy New Year!

How widely used is psychometric testing in Canada?

Whether you’re looking to relocate to Canada for a job opportunity, or you are job hunting inside the country already, its best practice to have an understanding of the recruitment environment you will be facing. An adequate understanding of the tools and techniques of recruitment in the geographic location you’re stepping into allows you to better prepare to compete for the role you’ve applied for; here is a look into how widely psychometric testing is used in Canada today.

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