Clerical Ability - Attention to Detail

Attention to detail assesses your ability to quickly spot subtle differences in short text strings.
There are different types of attention to detail tests. We will describe two types below.

Attention to Detail type 1
You will be shown two or more short strings of text and be required to quickly determine if they are 100% identical or not. The strings of text can be names of persons or companies, short addresses, numbers or any other short text string.
You will be working under a very strict time limit and are required to work quickly but precisely.

Try to compare the four text strings below, are they 100% identical?

256 Hickory Heights Drive, Hanover, 21076 256 Hickory Heights Drive, Hanover, 21876 256 Hickory Heights Drive, Hanover, 21076 256 Hickory Heights Drive, Hanover, 21076

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Attention to Detail type 2
You will be shown four lines of words. Each line contains the same words, displayed in a different order. Only one line has all words written correctly. You are to quickly determine which line of words is correct.

Compare the four lines of words below, which is correct?

A) flashcart, flame, flamingo, false, farm
B) flaminge, flame, farm, false, flashcard
C) farm, flame, flashcard, false, flamingo
D) flame, flashcard, fasle, flamingo, farm

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Data checking and attention to detail are similar to some extent, but there are significant differences in the two tests. Attention to detail will be focusing on smaller text strings and will have a very demanding time limit. In data checking you will be comparing more data but with a less strict time limit.

Attention to detail is part of the Clerical Ability Test Prep package.

Data Checking

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